The Music

Estron play mostly traditional Welsh music with the pipes taking the lead while the fiddle, uke and harp add elements of rhythm, harmony and chordal accompaniment. Which of course doesn't tell you very much really - so why not follow the link below to our first album - Gwawr - where you can hear it for yourself.


1. Marwnad yr Ehedydd / Dawns y Tylwyth Teg
2. Gwahoddiad
3. Ty a Gardd / Mopsi Don
4. Bwre Dros y Gyfrwy / Nos Galan
5. Capel y Ddol
6. The Welsh Rabbit / Lloyd's Whim
7. Evan's Jig / Jig y Pendref
8. Mae'r Flwyddyn yn Marw / Dyma Gariad
9. Can y Ceiliog Du / Hen Wr Pencader
10. Gwynt o'r Glan jig set
11. Hyd y Frwynen / An dro

Gwawr is available from Bandcamp as either a download or as an actual CD

Also available for download are Jess and John's solo albums, and now Micky's album `Branwen':